Impress your guests with the simplicity, but skills required, fantastic cuisine. Let us bring to your table amazing taste and fine quality.


Aphrodisiac fresh tuna tartare.


Spicy stir fried edamame beans complementary with any choice.


Japanese salmon & avocado poke - (a healthy and delicious bowl of vegetables and pickles with raw salmon fillet cut on the spot and prepared with a great poke sauce).

First course

Diy Sushi Party - temakizushi (手巻き寿司): cooked and raw ingredients displayed on the table for you to pick your favourites and make an instant small roll of sushi on your plate. It's interactive and fun. Ingredients may be: raw seafood sliced, cooked prawns, pickles, vegetables, avocado, wasabi sauce, soy sauce, nori, condiments, tuna salad, chicken, beef and more.


A selection of hand rolled sushi with your favourite ingredients (to be decided before finalising the booking).


Japanese beef curry with rice, warm, tasty and full of healthy nutrients.

Main course

Tuna and salmon nigiris made fresh from scratch.


Salmon and tuna sashimi made fresh from scratch.


Winter Pork & miso soup (TonJiru).


Fillet steak with red miso butter and Pak Choy with Oyster sauce.


スフレチーズケーキ (Japanese cheesecake).

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