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How it works

Discover in detail what a personal chef is, and what to expect when hiring one.

A man eating wearing a blindfold

What does it mean to hire a personal chef ?

This is an interactive experience with your own personal chef. We will escort you through a range of dishes, tastes and flavours. Taste, watch, chat and ask questions along the journey.

You can choose to interact with the chef one on one at any time and also to enjoy the company of your guests while sipping from your favourite drink in a totally relaxed atmosphere, without worrying about the food and the cleaning.

Just like at a restaurant in your own home, this is a gastronomic journey through tasting experience and it is both a visually and information rich experience as well as being a delicious feast.What to do? Pick some of your favourite dishes from a selection of individually designed menus or for your own custom menu.

Why us?

Tools icon

We plan

When we work on a dinner plan for your evening, you can select meal options to decide what dishes you would like to include in your dinner party. Once we determine what’s on the menu, we will personally go to all the best markets in the area and purchase only the finest ingredients for the meal you have chosen.

Chef's hat icon

We cook

We will be cooking dinner in your kitchen, with your appliances, so you and your guests can join me and feel at ease. You will have the opportunity to watch us in action as we work. We love answering questions, and you can even taste the food as we prepare it.

Vegetarian mark icon to signify that we care

We care

As your private chef, yours and your guests’ safety regarding the food is our concern. Please make sure you provide us with your guests' information, such as allergies, so we can avoid those foods and not cause anybody harm.

Approval icon to signify that we clean afterwards

We clean

Finally, the favourite part for many people is that we will do the clean-up after the meal. You won’t need to lift a finger at the end of the evening, and we will clean your kitchen and your appliances and leave everything spotless. All while you continue enjoying the evening with your guests without a care about what’s happening in the kitchen.

When should I hire a personal chef?

Special occasions with your loved ones

We will personally go to the best local markets in the area to gather all the finest ingredients and bring them to your party with me. Consider allergies and preferences of all the diners and make sure to communicate it to me during your booking process.

Tailored experience

Contact us to find out more, discuss your favourites and make a booking. We make everything easy for you and we are happy to tailor the experience further to your satisfaction. If you need or want to add something special to your night that will make it unforgettable, ask about our entertainment options.

What you can expect from us as your personal chef

When you hire us as your private chef in Melbourne, you won't only employ somebody to prepare your meal and send it out. We are gregarious and will engage with you and your guests, and like any chef worth his salt, we will make sure that everyone around the table is enjoying their food.

When we plan a menu together, you can let us know about any special dietary requirements or special requests. Cooking is our passion, and it's how we express our devotion.

Elia Donati and his two most trusted co-workers

What to expect by the experience.

Your selected personal chef, will arrive at your house or preferred location, create and serve a meal of your choice right in front of you and your guests, using your kitchen and appliances.

You can sit and relax, watch the chef in action and have the opportunity to ask questions and of course, taste along the way.

Last but not least, we will clean! Yes, we will wash up and leave your kitchen looking immaculate. And remember that you are always on time to add participants to you function, up to 24 hours prior to the event via requesting it by email at

Personal chef Elia Donati chopping herbs

Hire a Chef in Melbourne for an Innovative Dining Experience

Why not create an extraordinary dining atmosphere and turn your home into a five-star restaurant in these changing times? Hire a chef in Melbourne who will come to you to prepare delectable dinners to entice your appetite and explore your taste buds with exotic flavours and aromas. We will mesmerise you and your guests with our exquisite culinary skills in the comfort of your own home.

What You Can Expect from a hired Chef

Take your guests to another level, hire a chef to come to your home and let your dinner party be the talk of the town. Our passion and love for cooking and creating an ambience where people come together to eat and socialise keeps us motivated to continue to bring quality food into your private space. We offer the following:

Gourmet style cuisine in the comfort of your home. In these times, we are here to bring back your social life and allow you to enjoy your evening around your family and friends in the secure space of your home. Hire us as your connoisseur chef, and we will provide you with restaurant-style dining concepts to satisfy your culinary desires and needs. We offer delicious canapés, traditional sit-down menus, and designer-made menus to suit your specific gourmet needs. As your personal chef for hire, we will make your evening an unforgettable culinary experience.

Gastronomic, visually appealing and interactive. Want to create an atmosphere where everyone’s relaxed and comes together with tasty food? We can create a stress-free relaxing time for you and your guests by engaging you in an interactive process of preparing your meals. It is a visually intriguing experience watching me prepare your meals and plate them in front of you. Then, all you need to do is sit, relax and enjoy the course.

Relaxation in a stress-free environment. Our hire services allow you to focus on your guests while we concentrate on creating luscious, mouth-watering dishes to blow your guests’ taste buds away. Through excellence and mastery in cooking, we will make sure the evening is a success.

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Benefits of Hiring us

A chef by profession and a childhood passion for cooking is a combination that produces superior cuisine that surpasses generations. We offer a seasoned service for hire that puts your needs and wants first, so that customer satisfaction meets culinary excellence. You can expect:

Tailor-made menus. We offer a comprehensive chef service with tailor-made menus to suit your specifications, considering guest preferences and allergies to create a magnificent menu that will make your night even more special.

The finest ingredients. On the day of your party, we will purchase fresh, quality ingredients for your tailor-made menu to prepare at your home. You won’t have to go grocery shopping. All you need to do is prepare yourself for a night of wining, dining and socialising.

A spic and span kitchen. We want you to savour the night away. So, we will not only bring to life your custom-designed menu, but we will also sanitise and clean your kitchen and appliances while you relax the evening away with your guests.

About Us

We are professional chefs with over 18 years of combined experience, and as true epicureans, we have devoted most of our life to the sensual pleasure of food. We grew up believing food and home are where the heart rests. We take the time to listen to your culinary needs and make sure to meet your expectations for the highest customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to experience a culinary journey like no other.

Personal Chef in Melbourne

Experience the Luxury of a Personal Chef in Melbourne

When we are your personal chef in Melbourne, you won't have to lift a finger or worry about anything. You won't even need to go grocery shopping. Instead, we will ensure to stock your fridge with all the finest ingredients for your meal and make sure the entire evening is a complete success. With us in the kitchen, you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests.

Benefits of a Personal Chef Hire

Consider hiring a personal chef when you start planning a dinner party for any number from two to ten people. Do you have a more significant group of guests in mind? We can offer some fantastic entertainment deals for you. There are many benefits to hiring a chef to do the heavy lifting for you, including that you will be free to mingle with your guests.

We can invent a customised menu for you and your guests. If you want to create a unique and themed menu, we can help you with that, from Asian fusion to Spanish desserts and Italian pasta. We can include many delicious dishes on your menu and make it a night to remember.

When it comes to food storage and clean-up, we have it all under control. With so many different dishes, there’s usually leftover food. Many people are concerned that they will be left with spoiling food because they have limited fridge space. Say no more. You won't need to worry about the clean-up or disposing of leftovers unless you would like to keep it for a future meal.

With all the tedious duties from cooking to hosting to pouring drinks taken off your hands, you are free to enjoy quality time with your guests. This benefit will save you so much time and make your event so unique that you and your guests will cherish the memories for years to come.

The Personal Chef Service we Offer

The benefit of a hassle free dinner party far outweighs the cost of a personal chef. However, if you're planning a big party or want to add a few extra things to make your night extra special, we have several entertainment options to offer my clients.

Camera icon


You can hire a professional photographer or videographer that will be able to create live Instagram footage of your event, a customised video of your event, or take amazing photos of you and your guests.

Staff icon


For a more significant event, you can add wait staff to your entertainment plan. This option will turn your home into a private restaurant where you can enjoy your event. You won't even have to pour a glass of wine. We will take care of all the details.

Guitar icon


For a romantic evening, you can add an acoustic guitar player to round up the evening's entertainment. This option will create a relaxing atmosphere where you and your guests can have an enjoyable time in a serene environment.

Open book two people reading icon


The best option for parents wanting to relax with friends is to arrange entertainment for kids. We know somebody who is amazing with children and can keep them occupied for hours. You won't even hear a squeak. You can finally enjoy a glass of wine in peace.

About Your Personal Chef

Elia grew up with a passion for food, it was something he saw his family enjoy, and soon it became his obsession. Coming from Italy, Elia now knows so many unique cuisines that he can cook Asian, Italian, Spanish, Australian, French, Japanese, BBQ, Seafood, Gluten free and even Latin American style food.
He spent time working as a butcher to learn the various cuts of meat and also BBQ techniques, and also joined some BBQ competitions in Melbourne.

Contact us to book your event.

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