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Creative Personal Chef in Melbourne and Surrounds Cooks in Frontof You, in Your Home

Hire a personal chef in Melbourne to take you and your guests through a gastronomic journey in your at-home restaurant. I prepare delicious feasts while taking you through a relaxed visual and flavour experience you will not forget. Get in touch if you desire a chatty interactive encounter incorporating diverse dishes and tastes.

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Could Your Customised Chef Hire in Melbourne Include Entertainment?

First, explore the options and then get in touch to make a booking and enjoy a unique experience. My acquaintance with various kitchens and cultures covers any food you may have in mind. I can take you and your guests on a fantasy trip to homely yet flavourful fare in Italy. Let me prepare authentic French cuisine with top-quality products or present fresh Japanese tastes that include sushi, sashimi, miso soup and more.

My personal chef menus include Latin American, Asian contemporary, Spanish, Mediterranean, and Australian cooking. Would you prefer a meat feast, seafood, vegan, gluten-free menu, or canapé cocktail party? You are welcome to build your own menu containing customised options from the individually designed bills of fare provided. All you need do is choose and discuss what you wish for with me. I do the cooking and the cleaning so you can take it easy and enjoy the event.

My Personal Chef in Melbourne on What You Can Expect

I visit the best markets to get the finest, freshest ingredients together for your celebration with your loved ones. I focus on the diner preferences and allergies you inform me of during the booking process.

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Talk to me before you book. Discuss your favourite dishes and find out more. I will gladly tailor the experience to your satisfaction and make it as easy for you as possible. You can add function participants up to 24 hours before the event via email.

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Extra fun

Consider hiring a bartender and wait staff for the night to make your party even better. Discuss this additional facility with me if you want customised serving, wine service from your cellar or terrific cocktails.

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My personal chef arrives at your location on time, carrying the necessary ingredients. I use your kitchen and appliances to create and serve the dishes of your choice. Your family and friends may watch, ask questions and have a taste now and then while they sit around and relax.

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I will wash up and leave your kitchen spotless when I depart. Give me a call if you wish to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, engagement, or new job with the food I lovingly prepare with artistic flair.

Could Your Customised Chef Hire in Melbourne Include Entertainment?

Ask about our entertainment options if you wish to add something more to the occasion. Why not choose from several fun options?

A professional photographer can take shots and videos and do live Instagrams. I can suggest the right person to entertain your kids while you unwind.

Add some energy to the party for teens and adults to enjoy street-style hip-hop, freestyle, contemporary, jazz-funk, or Bollywood dancing.

Thrill your guests with a basic salsa or bachata dance lesson. Hire a DJ, professional belly dancer or acoustic guitarist.

Let’s discuss the duration, types of music, number of performances, and other aspects concerning the additional service.

What You Stand to Gain When You Hire Elia Donati, Personal Chef

Customers say they appreciate my professionalism, old-world charm, respectful, considerate, and courteous ways and the warmth and kindness I bring to the experience.
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