Elia has a burning passion for cooking, a unique background and distinctive take on modern cuisine. Learn about him and why he does what he does.

Personal chef  Elia Donati stirring a pot in the kitchen

Elia Donati

From childhood curiosity to a lifetime devotion.

My passion, curiosity and interest in cooking goes all the way back to my childhood when I was a 5-year-old with my Nonna and Mamma. I was always curious to see what was happening in the kitchen. Cooking has always been at the centre of my attention. There is something about it that I love and I guess it is also that food is a way to show your love to other people.

As a 22-year-old, in 2013 I moved to Melbourne to extend my culinary experience over the ocean and by doing so, I also learnt English. In the past few years I have worked/studied as a Chef in Melbourne, successfully obtaining a Diploma in Hospitality Management and experiencing and working in different kitchens from all cultural backgrounds, from Asian to Italian, Spanish to Australian and Latin American.
Last but not least, I dedicated half a year as a butcher learning all the cuts and barbecue techniques, also seeing them in action by taking part in some of the main BBQ competitions in Melbourne.

For me, becoming a private chef was inevitable. Cooking is 'at the heart of Italian Culture'. A way to show love to other people. I love food because it brings people together, stimulates your senses and promotes bonding time.
This is exactly what I intend to provide to my customers.

I learned to cook at home! It is where it all began.
My curiosity, my love for food and cooking for people is second to none.

Ready for the party of the year?

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