Blinded dining

You may think: "Why should we do dinner in the dark?"

It's simple: when you can’t use one of your 5 senses, the remaining ones sharpen, therefore making the experience more focused on conversation and enjoying the taste of food.

A table set with misty atmosphere for the blinded dining experience
What to excpect

The experience will have a schedule similar to the following


The Introduction

The chef arrives and introduces himself and the waitstaff, there will be a time to gather and have drinks normally while the chef prepares the meals (approx 1,5h). The table will be set up during this time.

Illustration that represent the personal chef meeting the guest at home

The setup

Then when everyone is ready, phones will be put in silence and placed in a box. At this time everyone will sit and the wait staff will help to put on the blindfolds and to turn the lights down. There will be lights from candles at all times.

Illustration showing the personal chef cooking in the guest's kitchen

The Experience

Now the chef will do an introduction and from this time on dinner will be served with a small break in between courses to reset the table, cutleries and plate the following dishes. During the dinner experience, making conversation will be promoted as well as enjoying the taste of the food in a way you probably have never done before.

Illustration showing the personal chef bringing the dinner to the guests' table

The end

After dessert is finished, lights will come back on and this will be the end of the experience. The Chef and wait staff will leave as soon as the cleaning is done.

If during dinner you wish to be served drinks, just ask the wait staff. The same applies if you need to use the washrooms, just ask the wait staff to be escorted out of the dining room.
The duration of the experience (time blindfolded) is approximately 90 minutes.

Illustration showing the guests having a good time, dining in front of the window

Five types of menus:


The menu type will have to be confirmed at least 3 days before the service date. Every person will have to choose one item from each course. The cuisine will be Italian, but that’s about all we can tell you, as the exact items on the menu will be part of the surprise.

Every person must communicate with us if any dietary restrictions or allergies must be followed.

What is included

The fee of the service is per person and it includes:
- Your personal Chef for the night
- Waitstaff
- Food
- Blindfolds
- Candles
- Transportation
- Service
- Cleaning

What is not included

The fee does not include:
- Cutleries
- Plates
- Napkins
- Basic cooking appliances from your kitchen will be used
- Beverages of any kind
- Cooking utensils
- Glassware

Ready for the party of the year?

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