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Live Your Dream With Italian Cooking Classes Around Melbourne

We often dream of tasting deserts in Morocco, a wine tour in France, or visiting a spice market in India. The world is our oyster when it comes to new taste experiences, and the possibilities are endless. International travel, with all its culinary temptations, came to an abrupt standstill during the pandemic.

We suddenly had to adapt to a new way of doing, from homeschooling to online meetups for our social life and work. With restaurant visits an impossibility, many people are taking up cooking as a new hobby. Are you dreaming of a bowl of creamy homemade pasta? We can teach you how to cook authentic Italian cuisine in your own kitchen with Italian cooking classes around Melbourne.

What Sets us Apart Regarding Italian Cooking Classes

We live to honour our ambition to delight customers with authentic Italian food. To serve them with a culinary experience, stimulate all the senses and promote bonding around the dinner table. With Italian cooking classes, you can have all this in your own kitchen. Here’s what sets my cooking classes apart:

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We have decades’ worth of cooking experience in both my home country, Italy and Australia. With worldwide influences, your cooking class won’t only provide a quality meal made from the freshest ingredients, but you will also have a unique taste experience.



Elia first learned to cook at age five, at the knees of Nonna and Mamma. The skills and knowledge he holds don’t just come from books, but they are integrated into his very being. For Elia, Italian cooking classes are faithful to the culture and its ways of eating. Elia firmly believes that food is at the heart of the family.


Cultural exposure

With work and travel experience in kitchens on different continents, we are well-versed in Asian, Spanish and Latin American cuisine and its intricacies.

Related Services to Pasta Making Classes Near Melbourne

In addition to offering private chef experiences in the comfort of your home and pasta making classes around Melbourne, we offer a wide range of services to compliment your meal and transform it into a memorable event.

A variety of menus to choose from: Japanese, seafood, Italian, French, Contemporary Asian, and Vegan/vegetarian dishes.

We can arrange entertainment for the event to compliment the meal and turn it into a memorable celebration. We can organise photos and videos with a live Instagram feed. If you’re into dancing, we have belly and hip-hop dancers, basic salsa and bachata lessons. We can also bring a bartender to pair your drinks with your food or arrange an acoustic guitar for a more intimate event.

To ensure your evening is without disruptions, kids entertainment is also available, customised to your needs.

About Elia Donati

As a top Melbourne chef, it’s a joy for me to be at the centre of excellent cuisine. My in-depth knowledge of Italian cooking and culture ensures that you receive a genuine Italian experience. Combined with tailored private chef services, my cooking classes and pasta making classes are available in a 30km radius around Melbourne. With a broad range of menu options, I can cater to every taste. Reviews and thank you notes from happy customers are testament to my journey to provide quality, authentic meals.  Contact me now to book your first Italian cooking class.


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