Why my Coffee is called Ribano

Discover the captivating tale behind Ribano coffee, crafted by the visionary creator, Elia. This exceptional brew derives its name from Elia's cherished hometown, nestled just 500 meters away from the iconic Ribano Castle.

Brimming with sentimental value, this historical landmark holds immense significance in Elia's heart.

Growing up amidst its enchanting surroundings, Elia's childhood was adorned with precious moments of growth, nature-filled escapades, and cherished friendships with Davide, Matteo, and Nicolas.

As you savor Ribano coffee, relish not only its meticulously selected beans but also the nostalgia-inducing essence that transports you to Elia's roots. Experience the culmination of passion and dedication with each invigorating sip of Ribano coffee, a true testament to the timeless bonds of heritage and craftsmanship.

Ribano Castle: Headquarters of Spalletti Colonna di Paliano Winery is a prestigious landmark. Dating back to the 11th century, this captivating venue offers the perfect setting for ceremonies, events, dinners, meetings, fashion shows, and any occasion that calls for an extraordinary atmosphere.

Host your magical and unforgettable wedding amidst the breathtaking views of the coast. Enjoy aperitifs on the panoramic terrace, surrounded by 300 majestic cypresses cascading down to the valley. Indulge in a dinner served in the olive tree courtyard, offering stunning vistas of the hills up to the majestic Titano Mount. Alternatively, choose the elegant and understated rooms or the ancient cellars dominated by grand oak barrels.

Ribano Castle is your enchanting destination for prestigious and fashionable dinners, as well as special events like graduations, birthdays, and other momentous occasions. Additionally, it provides a sophisticated setting for business meetings and workshops.

Where to buy Ribano Coffee Beans.

Here is the direct link to Ribano Castle.

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