A week organising personal chef experiences. by @eliadonati

We thought we were at a quiet time of the year, then suddenly we became fully booked.

Well, I guess it may be the marketing department doing a great job? or maybe the fact that we hand pick the fresh produce from local markets and people can tell? or maybe the good old word of mouth out there that is spreading?

Well, whatever the reason, we are glad we can help Melbourne celebrate private parties and make people's lives easier with our personal chef & entertainment services.

This week we are focusing on 4 parties of which, one is an engagement party of a very gorgeous couple who are, by the way, returning customers.

The process is complex, it involves lots of thinking, planning, re-thinking, and going through the plans over and over to make sure that every single particular is taken care of. For example writing down extensive lists of fresh ingredients that we need and sourcing them on the day of the party. Or even rostering staff, creating timetables and noting down the equipment we need for each individual party.

The fact is, for someone who doesn't like their job, it's very hard to keep this up. But for us this isn't the case. Why? Because we love the process, we love going to the markets, keeping family businesses running, choosing the produce, maintaining relationships with the people behind the counters who wake up early and go to work in the cold so that when we are ready we can go to the market at our own convenience and buy the best local supplies.

Then it comes the moment in which it all comes together. The night of the party.

The experience starts from the moment we step in to our customer's homes. They want us to be neat, clean, professional and to impress. We can say that we definitely work hard to overdeliver. We focus on maintaining the kitchen clean throughout the night, show up on time, showcase the fresh produce that we bought for our customers, we pay attention to our personal look, we wear professional activewear, we make sure people enjoy the experience throughout the night, we answer questions, show how we do things, be present, serve them, give them a great time, share recipe ideas and inspiration, create a memorable experience, cook the best food, present it well and last but not least we clean up the whole kitchen before we go.

But in order for all this to happen in a way that enjoyable for everyone, including us working, days like today and yesterday spent planning are the key to our success.

Ready for the party of the year?

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