26th January - Public Holiday

The 26th of January is a Public Holiday that is often celebrated with gatherings of friends and family. If you plan on hosting such an occasion, the food, beverage and entertainment are crucial aspects that need careful consideration. Here are some tips to ensure that your event is a success:


When it comes to the food at your gathering, it is essential to choose delicious and visually appealing dishes. Some classic options that are sure to be a hit include:

A BBQ: No January 26th gathering is complete without a barbecue; it’s the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill and prepare classic dishes such as succulent sausages, juicy burgers, and perfectly cooked steak or lamb. Don't be afraid to experiment with different marinades and rubs to give your BBQ dishes an extra flavour.

Salads: Besides BBQ fare, it is always a good idea to have lighter options, such as various salads. A potato salad with creamy mayonnaise and crisp, refreshing vegetables is always a crowd-pleaser. Or, consider a pasta salad loaded with your favourite vegetables and a zesty vinaigrette dressing. And, of course, a simple yet elegant green salad is always a welcomed addition to any meal.

Dessert: The gathering is complete with something sweet to round out the meal. Consider making or purchasing a selection of cookies, cakes, and other delectables for your guests. A moist and fluffy vanilla cake topped with a rich chocolate ganache is always a hit, or some classic chocolate chip cookies would be more to your liking. And for a refreshing summertime treat, consider serving homemade ice cream or sorbet.


Several options are sure to be well-received at your gathering regarding beverages. Some popular choices include:

Cocktails: Consider mixing a batch of refreshing cocktails to serve your guests. A fruity sangria or a crisp and citrusy mojito is always famous for a summertime celebration.

Beer: Many people enjoy celebrating the 26th of January with a cold beer. Be sure to offer a selection of lagers and ales to cater to different tastes.

Wine: There are plenty of excellent wines for your gathering. A crisp white wine is a refreshing choice for a summertime celebration, or perhaps a bold red wine would be more to your liking. Don't forget to chill the white wines and let the reds come to room temperature before serving.

If you want to ensure that your party is complete, consider hiring a Professional Personal bartender Service. One excellent option in Melbourne is Elia Donati which offers Professional bartenders with years of experience creating delicious and visually stunning cocktails which can come to your home.


There are numerous ways to keep your guests entertained at your gathering. Some ideas to consider include the following:

Outdoor games: Set up lawn games such as cricket, soccer, or frisbee for your guests.

Water activities: If you have access to a pool or beach, consider setting up water-based activities such as swimming or beach volleyball.

If you want to ensure that your culinary offerings are of the highest quality, consider hiring a Professional Personal chef Service. One excellent option in Melbourne is Elia Donati, a Professional Chef with years of experience creating delicious and visually stunning dishes. From BBQs to elaborate multi-course meals, Elia and his team have the skills and expertise to make your gathering a culinary success.

In addition to their top-notch food, Elia Donati's Personal Chef Service offers a range of other services, including event planning, bar service, and equipment rentals. With their help, you can focus on enjoying the celebration with your guests and leave the rest to the professionals.

So if you want to take the stress out of planning your 26th of January celebration, consider hiring Elia Donati's Personal chef Services. Your guests will indeed thank you for the delicious and beautifully presented food.

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